My name is Anne, and I am a birth photographer. I capture those first magical moments of your babies life. Because Life is Beautiful

A few years ago, long after the birth of my last baby, I discovered someone’s website who was a photographer that specialised in the births of baby’s. As I scrolled down through the birth stories, I could not help but feel overwhelmed with emotion, as if I was right there experiencing the births first hand. I knew then that this was something that I would love to do, and I wished that I had done something like this with the birth of my children. There are so many details that one forgets during those first moments… such special memories that really need to be cherished.

And so, Anne M photography was born. Being a birth photographer raises many eyebrows… birth photographer?? What is a birth photographer?? Simply stated, this about summarises it:

“A birth photographer’s aim is to not invade personal space or make you feel uncomfortable. The role of the birth photographer is to capture all the moments as they happen, at home, in a birthing center, in a hospital. Birth Photography is about capturing the journey of labour as you welcome your child earth side.”

(when she is not a birth photographer Anne home-schools her daughters, indulges in the arts and dreams about publishing a book)